A Brief Introduction

Celena R. Nash is an experienced litigator who has zealously represented real estate clients in the South Florida community for over a decade. Mrs. Nash focuses her practice on commercial real estate matters, homeowners and condominium association transactions and negotiations and general commercial litigation. In addition, Mrs. Nash serves as the general counsel for corporations, advising them of compliance and contract issues and of applicable local, state and federal regulations.

For over a decade, Celena Nash has provided the highest quality representation to clients which have included investors, developers, lenders, lessors & lessees, contractors, corporations and elite associations.

She is one of the few Florida real estate attorneys to provide a comprehensive “Outside Counsel” program to clients seeking a more cost efficient manner for dealing with the constantly changing real estate, climate change and other issues that can result in government audits, investigations, fines and worse, if left unaddressed.

Spend Wisely. Save Millions.

Smart executives are figuring out ways to save on legal costs,while still getting the best possible representation. Hiring a full-time in house counsel can be incredibly expensive. Hiring private practice attorneys on the traditional, hourly rate basis can be just as expensive and even less efficient. 

Our Articles

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