Florida is one of the most attractive real estate markets in the country, with steady population growth and tax-friendly laws.  Florida has historically been ranked as one of the highest states for foreign investment in commercial real estate.  It is not just the population growth that makes it an enticing market, but also the high volume of attractive real estate properties, the diverse cultural offerings and the fact that it is a travel destination for large segments of the population.  Additionally, it is a central hub for international business, particularly from South America.

As a result, there is a definite need for knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate attorneys. The Law Offices of Celena R. Nash, P.A. offer a full range of services related to commercial real estate, including the representation ofinvestors, developers and lenders in the acquisition, development, financing, leasing and disposition of corporate assets and commercial real estate. Ms. Nash has extensive experience in structuring, negotiating and documenting acquisitions and dispositions and in the mortgaging or ownership of commercial property. Aside from handling the routine issues involved in real estate matters, Ms. Nash finds creative solutions to complex problems that require a high level of understanding of the subtleties of deals, regulations, leverage, profitability and liability protection.

Ms. Nash also is well-versed in drafting the full range of corporate leases, including full-service leases, single-net and triple-net leases as well as purchase and sale agreements.  In a full-service lease (also called a modified gross lease), the landlord and tenant split the “base rent,” which includes the structural repairs and operating expenses (property taxes, property insurance, common area maintenance (CAM) and utilities).  In a triple-net lease, the tenant is responsible for all costs of the building, except the landlord is generally responsible for the structural repair.  In a double-net lease, the tenant is responsible only for utilities, property taxes and insurance premiums for the building.  The landlord pays the maintenance and repairs.  In a single-net lease, the tenant only pays utilities and property tax and the landlord pays for maintenance, repairs and insurance.

Ms. Nash represents both commercial landlords and tenants, building owners, developers, brokers as well as commercial real estate sellers and purchasers with nearly every type of lease, including:  retail and commercial spaces, shopping centers, office buildings and complexes, industrial properties and residential properties.  Some of the most contentious disputes occur over misunderstandings in common area maintenance, compliance with local, state and federal ordinances and the tenants’ rights to subleasing and the landlords’ rights and duties related to adjacent businesses.

Furthermore, Ms. Nash performs extensive due diligence review of all of the transactions in which she is involved, including searches of title, surveys and leases.  Due diligence is a comprehensive, complex and critical stage in any real estate transaction and includes, among other things: (1) the performance of a title review, (2) a thorough inspection of the property, (3) a consideration of the surrounding property and neighborhood, and (4) the research of any relevant zoning requirements.

Finally, Ms. Nash performs the full range of contract drafting, negotiation, cancellation, extension, renewals and closings for commercial real estate transactions.  She has represented both the buyer and seller or landlord and tenant in such relationships.  Ms. Nash approaches all negotiation and drafting with the objective of keeping the language clear and unambiguous and in constructing contracts that are easy to decipher.  Ms. Nash advocates strongly for her client while concurrently trying to minimize needless time and expense.  Ms. Nash negotiates, monitors, advises and assists management and real estate business partners in analyzing, reviewing, drafting and administering leases, deeds, purchase and sale agreements, construction agreements and regulatory issues and requirements in compliance with industry standards.  She also drafts and negotiates commercial real estate contracts, complex issues, Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements (SNDAs), estoppel and ancillary lease documents.  She monitors and executes contract termination, cancellation, extension and renewals.

The Law Offices of Celena R. Nash, P.A., can help you create a practical approach to achieve your goals!