Smart executives are figuring out ways to save on legal costs, while still getting the best possible representation. Hiring a full-time in house counsel can be incredibly expensive. Hiring private practice attorneys on the traditional, hourly rate basis can be just as expensive and even less efficient. We provide a cost-effective solution that ensures all of your legal needs are fulfilled for a monthly, quarterly or yearly flat fee. This includes compliance, negotiating and drafting contracts; preparing employment agreements, non-compete agreements, employee handbooks; on-boarding and termination, employment and labor matters, risk management policies and procedures; litigation prevention, regulatory compliance, corporate governance; and representation in litigation and commercial disputes.

Law Offices of Celena R. Nash, P.A. seeks to partner with you to serve your day-to-day legal needs as your outside general counsel. Our general counsel program will provide you with the ability to gain access to proactive and strategic legal advice. We will customize each program to your specific needs as well as budget. One of the primary reasons that most business by-pass having a general counsel is the cost associated with hiring the in-house counsel. However, it is a known fact that proactive measures will more than likely prevent costly litigation as well as mistakes. A major benefit of having an in-house counsel is the ability to have hands on crisis management, compliance reporting management, compliance reporting management and more importantly public policy advocacy. A strong legal team can help prevent you from having to communicate with a variety of people to resolve a legal issue, which takes you away from running your business. Our general counsel program will give you the same benefits of an in-house counsel. We will take certain tasks off of your hands as we will be responsible for communicating with those parties including but not limited to your insurance agent, broker or even adjuster to resolve a legal matters. Further, we can manage incoming legal matters and delegate or resolve matters as appropriate on your behalf.

A practical, proactive and comprehensive approach will be applied to your business legal needs that will address both organizational and operational issues. In return, there will be a reduction of risk and efficiency in the operation of your business. As a part of our general counsel program, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your current operation to ensure that you are in compliance with any local rules and ordinances. In addition, we will review all of your pending contracts and services to determine if any adjustments may be necessary to help decrease your risks and exposure to potential legal problems.

Our firm will provide your team with the proper corporate governance as well as compliance accountability that can help save your thousands of dollars and allow you to operate efficiently. Contact our office today to discuss our general counsel program to determine which package works best for your legal needs.